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Bandwidth control of the biphoton wavefunction exploiting spatio-temporal correlations

JMM Varga, J Lasa-Alonso, M Molezuelas-Ferreras, N Tischler, G Molina-Terriza

Optic Communications, 504, 127461 (2022)

Time-Resolved Photoionization Detection of a Single Er3+ Ion in Silicon

GC Hu, GG de Boo, BC Johnson, JC McCallum, MJ Sellars, CM Yin, S Rogge

Nano Letters, 22, 396 (2022)

Unifying theory of quantum state estimation using past and future information

A Chantasri, I Guevara, KT Laverick, HM Wiseman

Physics Reports - Review Section of Physics Letters, 930, 1 (2021)

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Silicon Quantum Computing

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Silicon Quantum Computing

‘Missing jigsaw piece’: engineers make critical advance in quantum computer design

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#Q&ARC: Introducing CQC2T

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There is an international race to build a scalable, quantum computer that transcends the capacity of conventional computers. A technology that has the potential to transform the information economy and create the industries of the future – solving complex solutions in hours or minutes.

The Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology (CQC²T) is focused on delivering world-leading quantum research to develop full-scale quantum systems – encompassing ultra-fast quantum computation, secure quantum communication and distributed quantum information processing.

CQC²T’s goal is to realise medium scale quantum processors, in silicon, optical and hybrid platforms, through the integration of quantum hardware with algorithms, architectures and software; logical qubits with error correction for universal quantum computer prototypes; and scalable error corrected quantum communications and quantum networks.

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology is funded by the Australian Government through the Australian Research Council Centres of Excellence funding scheme.

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